Team and Advisors

David Palmer

Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder - Marvelous NFTs

For the previous 25yrs David has managed and directed a team of contractors as the Lead supervisor for a Construction Company.

David’s first introduction to the space started with day trading cryptocurrencies and soon this provided the opportunity to commit and engage with the industry full time.

Early In 2018 David started producing promotional and marketing videos catering for a diverse range of blockchain projects and companies.

During this time David established a large Network of project leaders and Team contacts.

David actively participates in a number of NFT gaming projects, exploit testing and assisting alpha and beta processes.

David has been an Avid collector of Marvel comics and memorabilia for many years and approached the Nft space with a collectors passion accumulating 20,000 + NFTs.

In 2020 David and his partners formed a company “Marvelous NFTS” and begun to pour his knowledge and passion into the creation of the companies first blockchain play to earn game "Bad Days".

Fernando Escovar

Director / Producer - Chief Content Officer

Fernando Escovar born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Started his career as a photographer and stuntman in Hollywood. Schooled at Otis Parson for fashion design but later changed to photography which led to directing and producing commercials. Fernando invented a few photographic processes which got him major celebrity photo sessions with the world's A-listers, from David Beckham to Bon Jovi and major magazines and ad agencies. In 2005, Fernando started AndroidTV with his partners, an online celebrity channel & TV device which was later acquired by Google. In 2016, Fernando founded an online media company covering Hollywood's red carpets and press junket interviews. 

Nathan Cooper

Chief Program Officer - Sheesha Finance

Nathan is the Chief Program Officer at Sheesha Finance with over 15 years of experience as a leader in technology projects in finance. He has an MBA from IE Business School and is a Doctoral student majoring in Business Intelligence, Strategy and Innovation. He has worked on projects with a combined worth of over $500m physically across Europe, Middle East, Asia, US and Canada. After becoming frustrated by the inefficiencies in traditional finance, he developed a passion for blockchain technology and the limitless possibilities it has to enhance people’s lives. Nathan believes the amalgam of NFTs and gaming will provide the catalyst to mainstream adoption of decentralized finance. Nathan strives to create a world where everyone at every level can be part of DeFi in a frictionless, accessible and safe way and Sheesha Finance and Marvelous NFTs provides him the ideal canvas to bring his vision to life.

Ralph Kalsi

CEO - Blockchain Australia

Ralph is a seasoned Entrepreneur and an early blockchain adopter having more than 15 years of experience in the corporate sector. Ralph has worked within large-scale tech companies like Sensis and Telstra, handling projects of notable organizations such as Victoria Police, Australian Unity and major brands in Australia.

Ralph envisioned the power of decentralization and blockchain’s disruptive potential during its early days and conceived Blockchain Australia, a celebrated company firmly focused on connecting the dots in the ever-evolving Blockchain and IoT space Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. BA grew into the most trusted name in the Australian tech ecosystem. Going ahead, Ralph cofounded series of startups in the Store and Payments domains like Tribe Digital ventures and Payscript. Due to his business acumen and entrepreneur mindset, Ralph was invited to advise and work along with the biggest sporting brands of the country by helping them onboard the NFT train. Ralph’s background in business consultancy and digital marketing made him acutely aware of the digitalised landscape and emerging digital eco-systems due to which he successfully mentors a number of blockchain startups by providing incubation support where ever necessary, in an effort to contribute his best towards the growth of the blockchain space and the Australian economy

Jei Rahman

Chief Investment Officer - Sheesha Finance

Jei has a wealth of experience in traditional finance spanning almost 15 years from the financial capital of London. He majored in aerospace engineering, which allowed him to establish a great technical footing and grounding to enter the world of finance. The early part of his career was focused on asset liability modeling for both pension and insurance funds focusing on capital adequacy before slowly transitioning towards financial modeling. This led to working closely with tier 1 investment banks and asset management firms to de-couple their existing equity models from other dependent data vendors. Jei is a firm believer that blockchain technology has the ability to revolutionize traditional financial markets in many ways bringing transparency, efficiency and most importantly lowering the barriers to entry for the unbanked.

His aim is to bring traditional investment processes and methodologies when assessing projects to invest in. He is passionate about investing in blockchain projects of tomorrow that will pave the gate way for mainstream adoption in both DeFi and NFT space.


CEO - Zynappse Corporation

Cris is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zynappse Corporation, a 100% Filipino owned, full scale, end to-end mobile and cloud-based development company based in Manila, Philippines. Cris is an Electrical Engineering graduate who fell in love with computer programming and never looked back ever since.

He was formerly a Chief Technology Officer at a company specializing in Government ERP Solutions, where he also met the other Zynappse co-founders. Prior to that, Cris worked as a Technology Officer for a Japanese Multinational Company where he was able to have the opportunity to train in Tokyo, Japan for 2 years specializing about systems security and Geographic Information System (GIS).

He has more than 25 years of experience in software architecture design and development with knowledge in different platforms and database engines as well as different programming languages.

And in 2018, he discovered blockchain and channeled his passion to write Smart Contracts, and the following year, together with his co-founders, they created a distributed application (DApp) strategy game called DRAKONS. Their mission is to introduce the beauty of blockchain technology by educating people through a fun game of Drakons. They believe that something so abstract can be made easy and fun, and from there, they hope for Drakons to evolve into something more than a game but a synergized ecosystem where NFT creators, artists, collectors, gamers, and developers all over the world will be able to explore the potential of blockchain and crypto currencies.

Han Soh

Director, Capital Markets at Cornwalls Capital

Han comes from a private banking background, where he worked with one of the most renowned private banks globally. He is client focussed and passionate about delivering the right outcome for each clients needs.
During the course of his career, he has worked across client acquisition and management with a strong focus on debt. He began his career working across the growing of a new banking license, followed by specialising in the healthcare field, and has since also gained experience in the property and commercial space in both the public and private sectors.
Han holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce (Marketing and Finance) from the University of Melbourne and a Masters degree in Accounting.