Golden Ticket Claims!

20 November 21

It's time for the News our BadDays community has been waiting for. We're ready to start processing your BadDays Golden Tickets! 


We've not forgotten about those Golden Tickets everyone was hunting for, although there is still some to find in packs, we've unlocked the claims form to allow you to claim your NFT!

Don't forget it's first come first serve so you better be quick to get those low mint numbers!

Claims forms 

BadDays Wax NFT collection Golden Ticket Claims form

Yoshi Golden Ticket Claims form

Kogs Golden Ticket Claims form


Please fill out all the details and make sure you follow any steps to ensure you receive your in game assets! 



Don't forget we've also taken the Snapshot from complete Wax sets. Those wallets will be eligible for ingame assets and a MNFT prize upon game launch! 

All redeemable after the game goes live, details below:

Complete Bronze Set = 1 x BDU card

Complete Silver Set = 1 x BDU card + 250 MNFT

Complete Gold Set = 1 x BDC + 250 MNFT

Platinum = 1 x BDC + 500 MNFT tokens

Complete ALL tier collection (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Generalissimo, Litho) = 2 x BDC + 2 x BDU cards + 5000 MNFT tokens

(BDU = BadDays Utility Card / BDC = BadDays Character Card. MNFT = MarvelousNFT token upon launch)