FOMO Chronicles BadDays Manga

11 January 22

MarvelousNFTs Baddays Manga by FOMO Chronicles 


MarvelousNFTs is excited to release details of our partnership with Fomo Chronicles. Introducing our limited Magna releasing Jan 13th. Only 100 will be available in this limited collector series! The perfect addition to those who have already completed our Collectible wax NFTs collection. (Wax details). Don't forget you can also start collecting and upgrading your characters at


Fomo Chronicles - Where NFTs Meet Art

FOMO Chronicles is a blockchain-based platform focused on promoting valuable projects, use cases, safety and education effectively and efficiently using NFTs. They help educate and provide the tools necessary for upcoming artists, content creators and existing real-world projects to safely create revenue streams. FOMO Chronicles have produced a series of manga, a graphic novel style publication, to illustrate typical potential encounters that many crypto users face on a daily basis. This animated manga series helps anyone wanting to earn money, have fun and learn how to navigate the cryptoverse safely. Earn, Learn, and Collect! In the FOMO Chronicles series, in search of good projects our protagonist, "The Otaku", faces numerous challenges and tasks that lead him into awkward and costly situations. In doing so, he unknowingly educates collectors about projects that FOMO Chronicles chooses to partner with. In turn, introducing the best possible projects and strategies.




ONLY 100 Manga NFTs will be sold for 1 BNB each. The sale will take place on BABYLONS Marketplace

Here ▶️ 🔘 ◀️ (Press Button)

Keep an 👀 out for Mangas purchasable in $OTAKU too !!


1. Every Manga purchaser will be Whitelisted for a $100 ALLOCATION into MARVELOUS NFT's Private 2 round!

2. Every Manga purchaser will receive a Bad Days Character Voucher, they will be able to have their pick of any character in their P2E game!

3. Every Manga purchaser will be Whitelisted for first dibs on the Otaku Character when it is complete within the MARVELOUS NFT P2E game!

4. Every Manga purchaser will receive a PHYSICAL METAL PRINTOUT of the Manga NFT autographed by the artist!

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