BadDays Beta updates!

25 January 22


We'd just like to thank everyone who has participated in the Baddays Beta so far, we're excited to bring some more updates as we continue towards full game release. Your feedback has been important and we ask you continue to provide feedback via this form.


BadDays Beta


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Our initial updates can be found in our first Beta launch post here

We've continued to use your feedback to implement the following changes:


26th Jan

Silver Surfer Now added to playable characters


24th Jan


+ Shards amount after win is now based on BDC level


+ Spiderman will only start healing on 40% HP until it he is back to 70% HP.


+ Magneto’s attack will add slow effect to its target. Reducing his target’s speed, and evasion chance.



+ The battle will now only have 35 turns. After turn 35, the BDC with the most remaining HP will win. If ever they both have the same remaining HP, the challenged character will win.


+ Battle Replay - Fix a bug where the attributes pop up is not showing when the BDC portrait is hovered.