BadDays Beta Updates: Potions and Mentoring System!

28 March 22

It's UPDATE time!! - sign up and play today.

We know there's been a short delay since our last update, we went to Comic-con and ended up being invited to more events!! The time in Dubai allowed the team to make some awesome connections which will give BadDays a massive advantage as we progress! The team is now back to base and working hard bringing the best experience for all those BadDays! 

Beta Updates currently implemented:

Potions - Regenerate Hero Energy (Live) Increase your daily battle capacity with energy regeneration!

Mentoring - Set a Scholar account and allow other users to use your heroes (More details)

Balancing and bug fixes.


Next Key updates to be added:

Fusion Key Farming - Stake MNFT to earn exclusive NFTs 

Marvelous Fuse Token launch -  (MFSE)

Off-chain Wallet Migration - Off-chain wallet to On-chain asset conversions

That't not all, the moment you've all been waiting for is nearly upon us!
The Play to Earn Elements are being activated! You'll soon be able to convert your Shard to Gems and those Gems to MNFT!! 

Soon? Sooooon? Yes soon! Real soon! In fact, let's put a date on it.
Conversions will be live from April 11th. 

"But that's almost two weeks? Why so long? You said soon?" we here your cries of despair! (come join us on telegram and you can spam the team!) 

$5000 Pre-Play to Earn launch event!

That's right, we want you to earn EVEN MORE before we go live! so, we're putting together a $5000 Pre-P2E launch Event which will go live on Monday 4th April, this 7 Day event will bring us to a massive conclusion with conversions going live on April 11! So it's time to buckle down and prepare for battle. Check out our new Mentoring options to further increase your earning potential. Battle for greatness on our event leaderboard and walk about with the spoils of battle! 

Full details will be revealed in an upcoming article so watch this space.
You'll need some BadDays Characters (Marketplace) and some MNFT to take part! - sign up and play today.