BadDays Mentoring / Scholarship system is now live!

28 March 22


Grabbed your BadDays characters but don’t have the time to send them to battle? Create a Mentor account and add a scholar to your team! Share your characters with others and allow them the chance to try BadDays and earn Shards! 

The mentoring / Scholarship system is live. Scholars will receive limited access to use your BDC’s in Battle, earnings will be held by the Mentor wallet, the Mentor is then able to Pay the Scholar based on their pre determined terms.


How to use the Mentor System.

Step one - Create a new MetaMask wallet address for each scholar you wish to issue assets (Must use unique crypto wallet to create a mentor account) 

Step Two - Login with your newly created wallet @ and set the new alias (Eg. Scholar1)

Step Three - Enter Headquarters, here you will see "add password" option. Pop up will prompt Set Email + Password ( NOTE: Each new scholar account requires a new email address)

Step Four - Set Email + Password (You have now created your first scholar account)

Step Five - Buy your new Heroes from the Bad Days marketplace or Send BDC assets from your Main account to your newly created wallet ( Note: Using the gift feature you may gift assets to your newly created account alias eg "Scholar1")

Step Six - Provide Email + Password to Scholar. 

How to for Scholars

Step 1 - Receive Email and Password log in details from Mentor.
Step 2 - Log in with email and password at 
Step 3 - Find out all the helpful hints and tips from your mentor
Step 4 - Have fun!

Scholar logs in with Email and Password and has access to Battle. They wont see any Wallet info nor have the ability to use the market place. 

Full control and rewards remain with the connected Crypto wallet, the Email and password gives proxy access to the Scholar. 

Mentor account = unique crypto wallet + email sign up. One Scholar per Mentor Account.