Pre-P2E Event round up!

18 April 22

The Leaderboard event was a great challenge for all involved, the battle was fierce and the winners prevailed! As we conclude our mini event we'd just like to once again thank everyone for their participation! 


The leaderboard as it finished:









Our team have processed the vouchers for those on the leaderboard, and the gleam campaign, we can’t wait to see your new characters in battle!
Make sure to tag us on twitter and let us know which character you've got! 



Please leave and Feedback from the Beta on this link (Feedback form). This allows us to continue to improve the game, your feedback is important to us! 


Shard to Gem (10:1) and Gem to MNFT (1:1) is live! You'll be able to convert those hard earned shards into gems, those gems into MNFT which can then be used in-game for purchasing new characters, potions and more!