Battle Pog updates and Sale!

07 July 22

Battle Pog Upgrading

This new wave of updates brings us our Battle pog upgrading! These Pog upgrades will see your battle pogs raise 3% with each level. There's 10 levels to conqure for each pog, giving a total 30% boost to the individual pog. 





Battle Pog Sale

With these new pogs, comes the pog sale! Check out the new tabs in the Marketplace!

Grab you packs of pogs either 5 or 10. Then start upgrading your character. With stronger battle moves comes stronger characters with more strategy, increasing your win potential and pushing you up the leaderboard! Keep your eyes peeled for the leaderboard update coming soon! 


Whilst we're talking of boosting your characters strength, have you noticed the reduced win rate for rune level requirements? Now only 30 increased wins per level, there's never been a better time to level up your team! Don't forget to utilise the sparring arena to test your strategy and find the perfect battle style. This risk free training room allows you to perfect your strategy before risking your health on the ultimate hero Battle Field!