Battle Update: Health, Healing and Revives!

07 July 22

Have you played the Beta recently? Noticed your characters have low health after battling? Welcome to the next phase of the BadDays development! Character Health. 

Characters, now, like normal heroes will take some damage in battles which they carry forward.

This health will recover 1% every 2 minutes. However, if your character initiates the battle and is defeated they may lose all health and require a revive potion.


Characters with less than 50% unable to battle. Players can wait for the auto-heal or use a health potion. There's also a new "Rebirth" potion, this potion can be used once every 3 days from your battle screen to fully revive and heal your team for FREE!! 

New Marketplace Items!

Further to the addition of the Pog upgrade cards, see previous post. We've added Health and Revive potions to the potions page on the marketplace. These potions will allow you to keep your character in battle for longer earning elusive shards! 


Potions come in packs of 10 allowing you 10 Full Heals or Revives. Revive potions must be used on Dead characters, potions can only be used on characters with some remaining health. - We'll see you on the battle field!