BDC Hunt and Mini Leaderboard Event!

31 August 22

BDC Hunt and Leaderboard


The BDC (BadDays Character) Hunt is Live over on Discord

Take part by sharing your art masterpieces or #BadDays on Social Media! There's also in-game challenges to beat certain heroes! Put your skill to the test and see who's got what it takes to be the best! 

Join our Discord and see the variety of different ways to get involved! Not only do we have lots of fun activities and games through out the BDC Hunt, we're launching a mini leader board event! 

BDCHunt Rules info:

1. You are working as a team, but prize will depend upon your individual points. More point all of you collect as a team-new rewards will be added in the prize pool. Prize will depend upon your level: Level 1 50-100: 1x healing + 1 revive potion Level 2 100-150 2x healing+ 2xrevive potions Level 3 150-200 3x healing+ 3x revive potions Level 4 200-250 4x healing+ 4xrevive potions Level 5 250+ 5x healing+ 5xrevive potions+ 3x pog. With every 1000 points total in event, prizes increase by 1unit! But each levels minimum point requirements go up 50 points per 1000 total points in event. if less than 1000 total points per week it ends. Max duration of the hunt: 5 weeks. If more than 1000 total in week it’s extended by a week and 1 BDC character is added to prize pool. Depending on achievements during the hunt, there is possible surprise rewards.


LeaderBoard Event

Leaderboard will run for 1 week, the Top 20 users will win prizes! LeaderBoard will be reset over the coming days, with End date announced after reset!!!!
Be Prepared!  It coud happen at any time over the coming 48 hours!!

First Prize
1x BadDays Character Voucher (BDC)
1x Pog of your choosing

1x 10 Pack Revive Potion

1x 10 Pack Healing Potion


Rank 2 - 10

1x 10 Pack Revive Potion

1x 10 Pack Healing Potion


Rank 11 - 20

1x 5 Pack Revive Potion1x 5 Pack Healing Potion