BadDays BETA has Launched!

17 January 22

BadDays Beta is now LIVE!

The time has come to jump in and battle with your favourite BadDays Heroes! From Thor's lightning hammer to spiderman’s web of wonders, we've got everything to peak the hero in you! First we must remember sometime even super heroes can have BadDays. Just like in the awesome BadDays Youtube series! Find the trailer and more here


BadDays Beta


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Currently you can participate in the 1v1 matches, the P2E is already active with players able to earn "shards" in battle. These shares will be converted into MNFT when the feature is live. For now we're looking for players to jump in and test the Beta. Take advantage as we adjust the Battle times and Earning potential. You Feedback is important to us in shaping how the game develops! We've already used your feedback to make some initial changes and are excited to see what else you suggest!

Please leave Feedback on this form. Leave you're Alias as we'll pick some feedback participants to receive some special rewards! 

More information about the MNFT token can be found Here

Recent Updates:



- Fix maximun rune level not being honored

- Fix battle wins being counted wrong

- Fix ‘split’ error when battling on the arena



- Increment rune leveling up requirements

- Remove burned BDC as a result of fusing from the Arena list

- Number of battles will only increment on the actor side.



- When fusing BDCs with different rune level, the rune level of the left side BDC will be transfered to the new BDC.



+ Added background music on/off toggle


+ Fix wrong owner name being displayed when the replay button is pressed



+ Use battle points and shards icon on the rewards display

+ Download size reduced from 166mb to 61mb