MarvelousNFTs MNFT Claim portal!

26 January 22

Claim Portal Now Live


The MNFT Claim portal is now live.

Claim portal open to all MNFT sale rounds, from Seed, Strategic to Private rounds 1 and 2. This includes whitelisted allocations and Fomo Chronicles Manga allocations. Please check the claim portal for your designated round.

MNFT token is native to Polygon, connect to Ethereum Network, Token fee based on Polygon so nominal. 

Your available tokens will be shown.

Claim and sign transaction.


You are now ready to use in to collect character and utility NFTs. You could Hodl them for Marvelous Lotto, you won't want to miss out on the exclusive Stan Lee signed Lithographs!! Don't forget we have staking coming soon! We're currently exploring the best options for Farms and other staking rewards, let us know where you'd like to see MNFT farms in our telegram. Watch this space your MNFT is about to become a lot more useful! 


Your tokens will be available after the TGE for each round.


Private Round 2 - 28th Jan.

Private Round 1 - 4th Feb

Strategic Round - 11th Feb

Seed Round From Month 2


Claim Portal Link

Baddays The Game Link

Contracts and Token info: Link