BadDays August Updates: Staking, Keys and more!

22 August 22

It's time to introduce the new updates in BadDays! You may have noticed some chances recently as we prepare the final touches, and it's almost time! 

Master Fusion Keys 

Fusion Keys

MSFE - Fuse token


That's right, we've got some much to cover, so lets dive right in! 

Introducing all new Fusion! 

You'll soon be able to FUSE your battle pogs to ANOTHER hero! That's right, Spiderman can now Hulk Smash, Iron Man can throw Thors hammer! The possibilities are endless! Find your favourite hero, grab your favourite pog and FUSE!! 

Fusion Keys

There's two types of Fusion Key, our MASTER keys which will be available in a limited supply via the market place! These keys will have UNLIMITED use! Unlike normal fusion keys gained via staking, Master keys will never disappear! Except when they sell out in the shop so you better be quick! 

Normal fusion keys will be available by staking. StakeMNFT for the chance to earn Fusion keys with one time use. These KEYS will be used in combination with MFSE and Battle points to fuse your battle pogs! 

Staking + FUSE Token! 


Let's quickly cover staking as we know you've all been waiting for it! 
Players are now able to stake MNFT, users will be required to own a Utility NFT to unlock staking! Staking will unlock Fuse Keys, dropped daily, each user will have a "weighted chance" to win based on their stake in the pool! 
The fuse token will be available via Ultimate Hero battleground, earn Fuse shards then swap those shards for MSFE token! MSFE token will also be available via Quickswap!

Watch this space, we're almost ready to drop this next wave of updates! Along with some bug fixes and security updates! We'll see you on the battlefield! BadDays - Beta