New Battle Pogs - Forcefield and Counter Stirke

07 July 22

Wait!     What!     I've taken Damage!!!     No wait!      Revive meeeeee!!!!!

That's right, following our recent update players will now lose Health whilst battleing, fear not, we've come to even out the playng field!

We've intoduced some new battle pogs to your inventory, now you can level up your stratgey and get a bigger advantage over your enemy. 


Utilise the new Forcefield pog to ensure your character recieves no damage from the enemies attack, time it right and you could block their super-move! Time it wrong and you block their block, not very effective for either players! Strategy will never be more important, timing those all important super moves to avoid you enemies block!

But wait, it gets better! Or worse for your enemy! Introducing Counter Strike, throw the enemies attack back in their face and do 30% of the damage in return! Another great chance for those weaker heroes to cause some damage to their stronger counterparts! Even works whilst blocking the attack! Eat that spiderman! 

Get into battle today at
Level up those runes, power up your pogs, fuse up in Stars and conquer your foes!! Don't miss the Health and Revive potion Sale!